Meekah Carter | Newborn Session | In-Home | Provo Utah

This little girl has some amazing parents! Kevin and Pei Fen Carter are the cutest couple you will ever meet. Kevin went on his LDS mission to Taiwan, where Pei Fen is originally from, but they didn’t actually meet till they were both attending BYU for school.

They now have this beautiful little girl. Meekah was an absolute angel throughout the whole session. She slept the whole time, we tried to wake her up but she wouldn’t have it. I had such a great time with this family, and love the photos so much! Enjoy!

Nick & Jessica | Anniversary Session | Cascade Springs | Alpine Loop Utah

Nick and Jessica are one the cutest & sweetest couples you will ever meet! I’m so glad that I got to capture their 1st Anniversary!!
Nick is from California and Jessica is from Virginia. They first met while Nick was serving his LDS Mission in Virginia, then a couple years later they both ended up at BYU-Idaho, at the same apartment complex. That is when all the magic began! Their first date was to a school campus event- a lip sync battle that was terrible. Then back to Jessica’s apartment with her sister and her fiance to play games. They went on dating and having the best time together!


Nick decided to propose  to this amazing woman in such a romantic way! They drove to Mesa Falls, Idaho and had a picnic in the rain next to a waterfall. He had made them a light dinner, complete with candles and sparkling cider. (Except he didn’t have the patience to wait for her to finish eating since he was so anxious about proposing. He pulled her salad out of her hands before she was done. Haha.) Then he asked, and of course she said YES! (Though she already knew it was coming.) The coolest part of the whole event was the drive there. They were going to school in Rexburg, which, in comparison to CA or VA, is VERY brown and frankly… ugly. Well, the drive to Mesa Falls took them past a bunch of bright green farms and towards the mountains. It was raining that day, but the sun was still shining through parts of the clouds, and they saw a rainbow… a FIVE STACK rainbow. She doubts they’ll ever see such a thing again, but it definitely felt like a sign from God that a good thing was happening that day. (There was some skepticism of them getting engaged because they’d only been dating 2.5 weeks.) But they knew it was right.
On October 8th 2016, they got married in the Washington D.C .Temple! It was a beautiful day even through there was a little bit of rain then! They then proceeded to Santa Cruz, CA  for an amazing honeymoon!
After living in California for a short while, and giving it a lot of thought and prayer, they decided to move to Provo, UT! They just had a feeling that it was where they needed to be. They aren’t entirely sure why they’re here or how long they’ll live in Utah, but they have seen some tremendous blessings from being here. I am so happy to have them here in Utah! They have been such a joy to have!
While they have been in Utah, Jessica has become an Independent Distributor for SeneGence International. So basically, she gets to play makeup, post on Facebook and work from home for her job. It’s great. Nick is a Capital One customer service agent through a company called Sykes. He handles the customers of retail store credit cards that are partnered with Capital One.
There hobbies are Jessica, loves doing arts and crafts- she hasn’t stuck with any particular kind. She does everything from painting to jewelry to crocheting. She also has a love/hate relationship with cooking. Nick loves anything related to video games. He designs, plays, studies and critiques them, but overall they love just being together. There’s rarely a time they aren’t together, except for work. They spend most of their time watching their favorite shows and playing games together.
Overall this session turned out absolutely amazing!! We had such a fun time, except for one thing! We were throwing up leaves to make for a fun photo and unfortunately Nick’s wedding ring went flying!! We did everything we could think of to find it but we weren’t able to! It was a very funny but also very sad part of our session! Nick and Jessica, I hope you had a fantastic 1st Anniversary and I love you both very much! I’m very happy to call you both family!

Libby Family | Millcreek Canyon | Family Salt Lake City Utah

I have known this family since I was a kid and I love them so much! The Libby family are so wonderful and the kids are the best! I am so happy that I got a chance to take these beautiful photos for them! Krysti and Aaron are the best parents to these amazing 8 kids! I love you guys Hope you enjoy these as much as me!

Harli & James | Cascade Springs | Wedding Couple Models Alpine Loop Utah

I am so very happy with how the session turned out! I had such a blast with this wonder couple! Shoots like this make me want to be a wedding photographer even more! If you are ever in need a couple to model, they are the best to work with! Cascade springs is so beautiful with all the water coming down in every way and the great boardwalks! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple! Thank you Harli and James for being such great sports and helping me out so much!
Models: Harli & James McShinsky
Real Flowers: @madelynjewelfloral
Silk Flowers: Kimberly Evans
Dress: Allyse’s Bridal & Formal
Suit: Perfectly Suited by Garth

Taylor & Taniya | Oquirrh Mountain Temple | Temple Coverage South Jordan Utah

I got the great privilege to do temple coverage of this fantastic couple! Taylor and Taniya are great friends of mine and I am so very happy that I got to be apart of their special day! I love doing weddings because of all the wonderful feelings you getting from seeing the couples happiness! Weddings have been a passion of mine since high school, I enjoy doing other sessions but weddings are definitely my favorite! I wish Taylor and Taniya the greatest happiness and love!

Clay Conrad | In-Home Session | Newborn South Jordan Utah

I had the great pleasure of doing photos for an amazing couple’s newborn! Clay was the perfect little guy, he only fuzzed a little bit at the beginning of the session but after that he was great! Braxton and Hailey were so sweet and kind and let me do a bunch of different poses and setting. I had a blast with this little guy and hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Laura Hall | Daybreak Lake | Headshots South Jordan Utah

This beautiful and amazing woman will soon be Dr. Laura Hall! She is very very close to getting her Doctorate in Physical Therapy! I know that journey could not be easy, she has had so much support from family and friends. I am so proud of her and grateful that I know her! She is an amazing person who is so kind and loving to everyone around her. She lights up a room the moment she walks in! I couldn’t be more happy for her and her great achievement! Congratulations Laura!!